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Named for the transition of wakefulness to sleep, Praedormitium is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by the experience of lucid dreaming. Players portray Hypnopomps, characters with the innate ability to manipulate the Realms of Dream as they travel through it on strange and wonderful adventures.

Praedormitium uses a deck of tarot cards as the basis of its resolution system, cooperative play, and the unlimited power of players' imaginations to build a cohesive narrative experience. Anything is possible in dreams, and the game can be as wild or whimsical, as dark or surreal as the players choose to make it.

This Quickstart guide has everything you need to jump right into playing Praedormitium, including the basic rule system, character creation, a sample character sheet, tarot interpretation charts and background information on Hypnopomps and how they fit into the Realms of Dream.


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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Had my eye on this one. I love how you distilled the a system that uses the tarot deck with letting playing make their own interpretations. Its a cool concept overall, very floaty and light, I'm interested to try running a few games. It would be nice to have some sample dream concepts for DMs to get started with.

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I'm glad you enjoyed it. There are plans to include sample adventures with the full release of the game, along with a chapter on DMing, sample Phantasma and Nightmares, more setting information, and a chapter on safety and collaborative play, all of which should be in early 2021, if things go according to plan.

Very cool! I'll be excited to see it.